Sotan Md. Rahmatullah

17 years of experience in photography
Support profile: Graphic visualization and design
Core competencies: Advertising photography (product & model), Architecture, Landscapes, Lifestyle
Equipment: Full professional set-up

This is Sotan Md Rahmatullah. Friends also call me as Sotan Moru. I am a photographer. Advertising is in my soul, I worked for advertising agency and press for about 19 years. I worked for them as a graphic designer and simultaneously as a photographer. Agencies helped me to grow my sense of color, composition, light and also adding selling value to a product. As a photographer, first of all I need to sell the photo to my client first, then to clients target people. Finally photographs will help my clients to say- whatever they wants to say to their target people. So I do believe that, a good photograph can speak like my client, can explain my clients word.